Role and Responsibilities of DDMA

The Roles & Responsibilities of the DDMA are as follows :

  1. Prepare District Disaster Management Plan

  2. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Policies and Plans

  3. Ensure that the areas in the district vulnerable to disasters are identified and measures for prevention and mitigation are undertaken by the departments at the district level as well as by the local authorities

  4. Ensure that the guidelines laid down by the NDMA &ASDMA are followed and lay guidelines at the district level

  5. Review the state of capabilities for responding to any disaster

  6. Review preparedness measures and give directions to departments as and when necessary

  7. Organize and coordinate specialized training on Disaster Management

  8. Facilitate community training and awareness generation

  9. Set up, maintain, review & upgrade the mechanisms for early warnings and dissemination of proper information to public

  10. Prepare, review & update district level response plans and coordinate response in any disaster situation

  11. Examine the construction in any area of the district and if it is not in conformity with the standards for the prevention of disaster may give necessary directions to the concerned authority

  12. Identify buildings and places in coordination with the administration, which could be used as relief centres in the event of a disaster and make arrangements for water supply & sanitation in such buildings

  13. Establish stockpiles of relief and rescue materials or ensure preparedness to make such materials available at short notice

  14. Encourage the involvement of non-governmental organizations or voluntary social welfare institutions working at the grass-root level in the district for disaster management

  15. Ensure communication systems are in order and Disaster Management Drills are carried out periodically